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The swimming pool of the estate

The space of the swimming pool is designed to allow a happy cohabitation thanks to its various rest areas largely equipped with deckchairs and two very large parasols. It is landscaped at the four corners by massifs including Buis, Hibiscus and Ifs. The Curbstone and beach of the swimming pool have been carried out in an elegant local granite which considerably limits the risk of slipping. A "solar" shower is installed at the edge of the basin to allow you to clean quickly before swimming. The size of the basin (10m X 4m) makes it possible to dive and swim in peace; An electric system of counter current swimming perfects its equipment. Safety is ensured by an alarm system and a secure shutter, but nothing can replace the vigilance of adults. Between May 15 and September 30, the water temperature of the pool benefits from the additional solar panels used to heat (winter) the lodgings and to produce their sanitary water. Daily, the person in charge of the maintenance of the property comes to open the curtain of the pool in the morning and close it in the evening and, at the same time, controls the cleanliness of the water and the basin.